Alvan Varzesh

AlvanVarzesh Company (Arash Archery)

As the first and only manufacturer of bow and arrowin Iranand the middle east, this factory began its activity since 2003 and shortly after manufactured a couple of bow models in the Recurve and Compound categories. This company is making every effort to enhance the quality of its bows along with a reasonable price in all its production varieties.

Arash archery is offered in the market under the names of Rainbow, Rabin, Shark, and Tiger Compound.  All equipment and accessories required for archery including bow bag, quiver, sight, rest, plunger, bow stand, target etc. are produced in this company.

This company owns the international standards of quality management ISO9001:2008, the product quality standards in Europe CE MARKING.

Arash is the symbol for power, courage, bravery followed by your health, satisfaction and vitality.